Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Snowball Fight!

I'm happy enough with the progress on my Dream-Build-Play entry that I've decided to put a beta out for public release. Snowball Fight is a 1-4 player party game where you try to knock your opponents out by hitting them with snowballs before they knock you out. Of course, you can only hold so many snowballs at a time, so don't wander too far from your snow pile when you are getting low. Also, keep an eye out for random power ups for temporary bonuses.

I've also created a new website / blog for distributing my games — Bayou Games. "Advice from the Swamp" will continue to focus on videogame programming, while will focus on providing playable games to gamers.

Snowball Fight

I'm afraid that, for now, I've decided not to release the source. (But I also didn't obfuscate it, so feel free to Reflect at will.) I'm trying to determine the best way to share the source with the XNA community while keeping my options open for publishing the game in some form. My preference is to turn the source into an on-going tutorial on writing a complete game — in the same vein as Reimer's tutorials, but with a truly complete game as the final product. But that clearly takes a serious commitment and, as I said, I'm keeping my options open for now.

However, since there is clearly interest in an article on the A* pathfinding algorithm, I will be providing that soon. Again, I'm not certain exactly what form it will take, but it will be available before the end of the month.


Cryovat said...

Downloaded it and gave it a spin, and I enjoyed it!

Very polished, and the style and music gave it a lot of warmth. (Ironic wording in regards to the theme I guess)

Nice job, good luck!

Anonymous said...

Thomas.... i can't find a contact email anywhere for you... drop me an email

Steef said...
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snowball fight 2008 said...

it's time for yet another snowball fight ..

it's showdown .. hehe