Tuesday, June 5, 2007

What Next... Again

Thanks for the comments. It looks like there is some interest in an article on implementing the A* pathfinding algorithm. I have an implementation in my Dream-Build-Play game, and I'm trying to figure out the best way to turn that into one or more articles.

The biggest problem is that spending time writing articles and putting together these blog entries takes significant time that otherwise could be used improving my DBP game. With the DBP deadline a mere month away, I'm trying to decide how best to balance that.

I also have plans for an article to demonstrate how to write game control input code that is completely independent of the actual input device. I have a series of classes (also written for my DBP game) that lets the user select pretty much any input device and customize the controls for that device in such a way that the game itself knows nothing about the actual input device being used. It consists of a series of adapter classes that can convert any digital input to an analog input and vice versa, so that the user can configure specific game controls to use arrow keys on a keyboard, the Dpad of a game controller, or an analog joystick without any changes or special treatment by the game code.

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